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  Needville 2023 Bond  

Needville ISD 2023 Bond


Welcome to the Needville ISD 2023 Bond Program website. On May 6, 2023, the voters of Needville ISD (NISD) approved Proposition A for $200,000,000. The program will address capacity challenges and provide programmatic enhancements across the District while also addressing much needed capital improvements. This website has been designed to provide the community with regular updates of the program’s progress. Check back regularly for updates!

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Current Progress

Current Headlines

New Junior High School Campus Design Nearing Completion
The design for Needville ISD’s new junior high school campus is nearly complete.  It is anticipated that the project will be ready for pricing in April.  The general contractor, Drymalla Construction, will be soliciting pricing from a wide range of subcontractors, vendors & material suppliers.  With an anticipated award for construction in May or June, we’ll see site activities beginning early summer.  The new campus is projected to be open for Fall 2026 school year.
New Elementary School Kicking Off
With the design nearly complete on the new junior high school campus, the next project in the cue is Needville ISD’s new elementary school.  Site surveys have been completed.  Design meetings with staff will begin in the coming weeks. Construction for the new campus should begin in late Spring 2025.
The district has begun to address much needed technology upgrades.  From document cameras and laptops to computers & interactive displays, key equipment is being procured to replace and expand NISD’s technology assets.
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